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WALK IN Cooler 10′ x 10′ Kit

WALK IN Cooler 10′ x 10′ Kit


Maximize Storage and Optimize Space with XIPRE COLD STORAGE’s Combination Coolers/Freezers

Designed for businesses with limited space or minimal storage needs, XIPRE COLD STORAGE’s Combo Coolers/Freezers offer versatile and customizable solutions to streamline your operations. These compact units combine refrigeration and freezing capabilities into a single, convenient package, ensuring your products stay fresh and organized.

Flexible Design for Diverse Storage Requirements

XIPRE COLD STORAGE’s Combo Coolers/Freezers provide the flexibility to adapt to your specific storage demands. Freezer access doors can be positioned externally or within the refrigerator section, catering to your preferred workflow. Multi-temperature units offer a practical solution for businesses that stock a wide variety of products in smaller quantities.

Customizable Dimensions and Finishes

Tailor your Combo Coolers/Freezers to seamlessly integrate with your existing space and aesthetic. Choose from a range of customizable sizes to accommodate your unique storage requirements. Additionally, select from various finish options to match your décor and enhance the overall appeal of your establishment.

Technical Specifications:

  • External Dimensions: 10′ x 10′ x 7.8′ – Height: 8′ [Dimension (Ext): 2.970 x 2.970 x H2.400 mm]

  • Floorless

  • Hinged Door Premium Series measurements: 36″ x 84″

  • Walls thickness: 85mm / 3.3″

  • PIR Foam Core – R Value 28

Enhance Storage Efficiency and Elevate Your Operations with XIPRE COLD STORAGE

XIPRE COLD STORAGE’s Combo Coolers/Freezers empower businesses to optimize their storage needs, maximize space utilization, and enhance operational efficiency. With their versatile design, customizable features, and durable construction, these units deliver exceptional value and performance.


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