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Quality and Efficiency in Walk-In coolers

Superior insulation, top-notch quality for cold storage. Ready to assembly and Best price guaranteed.

About Us

We specialize in providing insulated metal panels and ready-to-use solutions for cold storage, walk-in coolers and walking freezers. Our products offer great insulation, superior quality and the best price in the market. With Xipre, you can trust that your cold storage needs will be met with excellence.


The Optima Walk-in Cooler is the ideal solution for small spaces.

It was designed boasting innovative features like a quick and simple 4-angle mounting system that eliminates the need for panel cutting. You can even assemble it from inside the cooler itself, utilizing every available space without requiring additional room for setup.

Recognizing that every installation has unique needs, Optima Walk-in Coolers are built to fit them all.

Xipre Walk-in Coolers and Freezers are a great solution for:

  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • catering companies
  • and food retailers
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Endless possibilities tailored to meet your specific needs

Developed with precision, it features a 200mm modular design in height and length, reaching a maximum height of 13ft. Create divided or attached walk-in, allowing for differentiated zones with varying temperatures. 

The assembly is a breeze, ensuring your cold room is operational in just a few hours, thanks to an exclusive design offering an array of options. Choose from different models, quantities, and types of sliding, oscillating, or pivoting doors. 

Our range of accessories, from skirting boards to temperature control, enhances functionality and aesthetics. Elevate your cold storage experience with ease and versatility

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Unlock limitless possibilities with our premium doors

Introducing our high-performance doors for diverse temperature needs – Positive Temperature (0°C), Negative Temperature (-20°C), and Blast Freezers (-40°C). 

Ideal for large cold rooms, these watertight and robust doors provide space-saving solutions as an alternative to sliding doors. 

Offering excellent performance, reliability, and durability, they are especially designed for cold room areas in various industrial sectors with intense goods and people traffic

Tailor-made or ready-to-deliver?

Choose the convenience of our standard measurements in inventory for quick delivery, or let our custom team assist you in tailoring your walk-in coolers or freezers to perfectly fit your project.

We offer an extensive array of options that are readily available for prompt delivery, ensuring you have a diverse selection to choose from without any delays. Explore our ready-to-deliver solutions and experience the convenience of swift and efficient service tailored to your needs.

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